Wetemaa -  The Book of the Destiny of the Land of Éllad

Wetemaa is a book whose origin is shrouded with legends. It is the oldest book in the Land of Éllad, even older than the four sacred books Kana, Argunna, Orsana and Ela-sipona, which were written by Gods and given into the trust of the Wood men. Some legends say that Wetemaa was created by Viur, other say that it appeared together with the Heaven and Land and that the Gods, the children of Sinadr, have nothing in common with its origin. There are other legends which think that Wetemaa is in existence as long as Sinadr since he is mentioned in Wetemaa as the Creator of the World. However the scholars suppose that until there was the World, Wetemaa could have not existed, since there was not a single eagle, whose feather could have danced on its pages and could have written down the happenings.


 Wetemaa represents the memoires of the Land of Éllad. There might be a dispute about the origin of its legend, the scholars however agree on several facts. Wetemaa is placed in the Dankard Mountain Range, close to the Rá Mountain, in the Sanctuary, whose appearance was created by Wanne and Karu. During the times when the Gods lived in the Land of Éllad (before they left for their palaces in the North), there was no need of Sanctuary Man for Wetemaa since the eagle feathers were provided by Orlyg himself. When the Gods were leaving the Land of Éllad, they entrusted Wetemaa to mortals. The Sanctuary Men took care of the book and provided sufficiency of the eagle quill feathers which were recording the happenings of the Land of Éllad by themselves. Day and night the quill feather tirelessly ran on the pages of Wetemaa and wrote down the history of the Land of Éllad. As long as the Élladians believed in Sinadr’s offspring, Wetemaa was never left alone by the Sanctuary Man and  the eagle quill feathers ran without interruption. However, after the First Great Battle of the Royal Mountain of Mirabat, monotheists of the South Edagwon invaded the Land of Éllad and their own faith began to spread. It would happen more and more often that the deceased Sanctuary Man was replaced after a longer period of time, during which no one put the quill on the pages of Wetemaa and just as long the history of the Land of Éllad was not recorded.

(translation: Tereza Štěpánová)