“The Land of Éllad is vast and extensive. In the south, it is surrounded by the Wood, where the Wood men, the descendants of the Élladians and the people of  Land Behind the Rainbow, live. The Land of Éllad is frost and deserted in the east. There is a rocky barren land  and the eternal winter reigns in that part of the land; spring and summer last altogether four months. A lot of creatures and less people live here and the few who stayed keep themselves closed in inaccessible rock dwellings. The Wild Rocks transform into high massif, which is so steep that besides the Guard of the Path no one has ever passed over and so hostile that no one has ever dared to fly across on the Flying Horse from Lady Haduwig stables. That’s why the Élladians have no idea of what is to be found on the other side of Dankrad. The Sea washes the west shores of Éllad. The local ground is rich and fertile, surrounded by fruit tree groves and bountiful pasturelands. However, men of this land haven’t learnt to build big sailing ships yet and therefore they navigate along the cost using the fishing boats. For them, the world ends at the horizon. The north of Éllad is rocky and treacherous. The mountains are hiding hot deserts and rock mazes and somewhere there on the towering rock, the Loren Castle stands; from one side protected by a lake, from the other by the Labyrinth. In the inland, there are mildly undulating flat lands, more forests than fields and the area is highly inhabited.”


That’s the way how Ceredig the Seafarer depicts the Land of Éllad at the beginning of his book.

(Translation: Tereza Štěpánová)