The Goddess with the highest position in the Land of Éllad. She and her two brothers, Getenek and Orlyg, are the three first-born Gods, children of Sinadr. Getenek and Orlyg were created from Sinadr´s eyes, but Fréár was born from his heart. Fréár and her brothers created the earth from their father´s body and she hung Sinadr´s skull to the sky as a Moon. Both Orlyg and Getenek fell in love with Fréár, but she was not able to choose one of them. The Gods decided to fight for her and Orlyg won by a trick. Thus Fréár become his wife, but she secretly healed wounded Getenek. Later Getenek fell in love with his niece Samalbrína, daughter of Orlyg and Fréár, but Orlyg refused her to marry him. That is why Getenek imprisoned solar God Tagira in his underworld palace. Fréár tried to persuade Getenek to give Tagira freedom and she tried to  mollify him by her tears. She wept so much that the sea arised.

Fréár bore not only Samalbrína and Tagira. Her children are Viur, Varandur, Lirg and Rilana as well.

Fréár protects house hearth, family and family happiness, women in childbed and new-born babies. That is why people sacrificed to Fréár at birth and at wedding.

Very interesting is the difference of her relationship to men and to women. She protects both of them an it is very common in Éllad to say "let me protect Fréár" or "gracious Fréár".  However, men are prohibitet to sacrifice to Fréár. She protects them becouse her relationship to them is very similar to relationship to children and that is why she protects them without any condition. The same relationship has Fréár to girls before menarche. Adult women are obligated to sacrifice to Fréár each new moon and thus secure her favor. Fréár considers them to be almost equal to her and that is why they have to "pay" for her favor. To sacrifice to Fréár is a privilegy. Neither at birth neither at wedding men and immataure girls are allowed to sacrifice to Fréár. The only exception is situation if the life of woman in childbed is at risk and there si nobody else who can sacrifice.

Fréár is very benigne Goddess. She never harms. The worst think that she does is - to do nothing.