Skátrávíd is known only thanks to Halldor´s quest to find the second egg of Valabriga. The clima here is rougher that in Éllad, it resembles scottish or norwegian clima. The winter is long and the summer is rainy and chilly. There are short nights during the summer and the sun is shinnig only three or four hours per day during the winter. The subsoil of Skátrávít consist of the red sandstone and the sea formed fantastic and picturesque shapes of red rocks.

Skátrávíd is ruled by the priestesses from Golfadur, so it is theocracy



The fortress stands on the very narrow isthmus between the sea and the Dankrad mountains in the very north. The charge of the Brynnveled garisson is to protect this only access from Attérwid to Skátrávíd and to guard rich sapphire mine belonging to the Golfadur temple. The mine is located...


Golfadur is the largest town in the all Skátrávíd. The Getenek´s temple, where the Valabriga´s egg had been worshipped before Halldor of Mortaluna stole and destroyed it, is located here. The priestesses of Getenek´s temple rule over the all Skátrávíd with a help of the temple guards,...