The most important, crucial inspiration for me were Old Icelandic Sagas. I had written sometihng BEFORE, of course - short novels, screen-plays, stories, but very often I left it behind and I never finished it. But then I read Old Icelandic Sagas translated by Ladislav Heger and suddenly something was changed. I was fascinated by their language, their austerity along with incredible spreading stories, by mentality their heroes...

I still remeber one scene. A women named Katla was accused of wizardry. But when one of the highly respected man said: "I swear that Katla is not a witch!" the discussion about this matter was immediately over. I belive that it was this sentence which brought in my mind the world where realistic and unrealistic things are misced by very natural way...


When I started to write Wetemaa, nobody in our country had heard about fantasy. Yes, Tolkien´s Hobit was translated, but it was fairy-tale for children in our opinion. Strange or unusul fairy-tale, but still fairy-tale. Neither I had heard about fantasy. When I was asked what I´m writting I answered "it is a fairy-tale written like historical novel."


Could be this is a reason why  Wetemaa is so charming. It isn´t inspired by any other fantasy book. There is no influence by any other fantasy book or films. This makes Wetemaa so original and so distinctive. That is why is Wetemaa so... DIFFERENT.


I fell in love with Icelad becouse of Old Icelandic Sagas. I visited this beautiful country 8 time and I´m sure that last year it wasn´t for the last time. Bud the landscape of the Land of Éllad is not icelandic landscape. Élladian lowlands are more Czech lowlands, Élladian mountains looks like Scandinavian ones. But I was surprised, becouse  I sometimes found a little pieces of Éllad in Iceland. There is miniature of The Dragon Needle in the vasteland near Hveravellir and by the waterfall Skógafoss I saw - by my own eyes - how the rainbow made perfect circle through which you can jump directly in The World Behind The Rainbow as Egilólf the Dragon-Fly did...


Landmannalaugar - The Rainbow Mountain


Icelandic Inland - Sprengisandur


Skógafoss, where you can see perfect rainbow circle, If you are anough close to waterfall


Lava formation near of Strýtur crater by Hveravellir - miniature of The Dragon Needle