Saga of Wanne, the Son of Orlyg

Publisher: Mladá fronta, Ikaros edition

Release Date: 2006

Cover: Jan Patrik Krásný

No illustrations included




Until his ten years Wanne spent his childhood joyfully. But suddenly his world changed. Wanne found out that the people he considered his parents were in fact his foster parents, his real mother died giving birth and his father was the most powerful god of Éllad Orlyg. He was made to leave his foster family. He tried to survive the winter in a forest but if it wasn’t for Halldor who found him there, he would have hardly succeeded. He spent next eight years with Halldor who trained him to be an excellent warrior. He would try to instil some education into Wanne but he had little understanding for that, nevertheless Wanne learned to write and read. Before his death, Halldor advised Wanne where to obtain the best sword, the best horse and the best armour. And so Wanne set off south to the Wood in order to gain the sword of king Pedetris  of the flooded town of Severinx. During this expedition, he won not only the favour of the Legarta witch Chrodielda but also imperishable friendship of the green fairy Vil. The next journey across Dankard took him to Lady Haduwig where he would earn the Flying Horse. He didn’t succeed because he preferred to abandon the service in order to save his friend Karu’s life. Together they went across Dankard back to the Land of Éllad. On the way (on the Rá Mountain) he met Orlyg who gave him the Silver Horseshoe instead of the Flying Horse. A horse shoed with it could run through the air. Moreover it represented yet another insignificant advantage for Wanne since as long as he was seated in the saddle of such a horse he was invulnerable. The only thing left was to gain the best armour – the dragon armour. Therefore he had to set out to the Palace of the Lord of the Dragons. It almost cost him life but he succeeded and moreover – not quite of his own free will – he became a father of the future Lord of the Dragons. Shortly afterwards, when he entered the service of the king Udi, he didn’t suspect what the oath he pledged to Udi would bring him in the future…. And that’s the story of a book which is currently in search of its publisher.


(Translation: Tereza Štěpánová)